Sunday, April 26, 2009


RageQuit Films is a new machinima group. We are Benny Hill, Hateburn The Cremator, and The Postman. We hope to entertain you with multiple Source machinimas, with all the best in camera angles, demo smoothing and faceposing. Let me introduce us:

Benny Hill
I am the hoster of the server, I do all the camerawork, and I edit the films.

Hateburn The Cremator
Hateburn is our master faceposer. So far we haven't recorded voices yet, so he doesn't have work. But when he does, it's gonna be good.

The Postman
This guy has a great voice for characters, and has many awesome ideas. He and I came up with the idea for our first machinima.

We're currently working on a silly little Team Fortress 2 Machinima. Look forward to a teaser trailer for this very soon, and the final machinima not much longer afterwards. If you have a feed reader, please subscribe. Good things will come soon.